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Pyrography Tools and Wood Burning Tips for Beginners

Pyrography ToolsPyrography tools and ideas for beginners are what we strive to cover. We aim to provide inspiration and encourage you to try this art technique.

The diversity and choice of pyrography patterns and designs are entirely unique to each individual artist, so let the creativity flow.

So… let’s get down to the business of burning and creating!

Pyrography Tools – Origins and Meaning

The word Pyrography is self explanatory when looking at the Greek words that make up the word – “Pur” meaning fire and “Graphos” meaning writing. Thus “writing with fire” describes the pyro art form and its pyrography tools perfectly.

Alternative terms for pyrography are pyrogravure, pokerwork or wood burning.

The describes this art form as “the process or art of producing designs on wood, leather, or other materials by using heated tools or a fine flame”.

Burning on Wood

Burning on Wood

There are a myriad of crafted wooden products available in craft stores to keep you burning forever!

Burning on Leather

Burning on Leather

The pyrography pen works extremely well on light coloured (preferably vegetable tanned) leather

Burning on Canvas

Burning on Canvas

Look for untreated 100% cotton canvas. Iron the fabric well before attempting to start burning your design

Burning on Gourds

Burning on Gourds

Burning on Gourds Pyrography on a gourd is much the same as burning on wood – except the surface is curved!

Wood burning is not only for wood, there are other mediums that you may choose from.

Leather, canvas, bone and gourds are the most common alternatives.

These do tend to need a little more experience as they are not as forgiving as wood when making or correcting errors. The irregular shapes of the gourds and bone do require some manoeuvring and patience too.

For those artists who want to break out into a little more than just wood burning, other woodworking skills, like carving, can be included in the design. This adds another dimension to creating interesting and decorative objects.

Pyrography Tools and Burners

With experience, the artist will find the wood burning kit with the best wood burner pen that suits their grip comfort and style of burning. Pyrography pen tips are also a personal choice with time showing which nibs and tips are best suited to your subject matter and basic wood burning techniques.

We hope you will find the best pyrography tools and supplies for your needs here and have the confidence to move forward and create, experiment and, most of all, enjoy your wood burning art.


All the pyrography art found on this website is with kind permission by Minisa Robinson Pyrography