Leather Pyrography: A Beginner’s Guide to Burning Decorative Designs on Leather – 6 Projects, Step-by-Step Instructions

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82 Piece Wood Burning Kit


1 x Pyrography Wood Burning Pen
17 x Assorted Wood Burning & Soldering Tips
13 x Assorted Wood Carving Tips
5 x Assorted Wood Embossing Tips
2 x Hot Knife Chuck
2 x Blades
12 x Stencils
12 x Color Pencils
10 x Carbon Paper
6 x Wood Chip
1 x Wood Burning Pen Holder
1 x Pencil Sharpener
1 x Carrying Case

TRUArt Woodburning Smoke Extractor

Make your work environment safe!

  • STRONG suction guarantees complete substance extraction from a large area just like the pros do
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY! Carbon filter eliminates harmful substances from extracted smoke
  • REMARKABLE RESULTS! Exhausts smoke and fumes away from your work place quickly and thoroughly
  • NO-NONSENSE! Easy to use makes it so you can quickly start working on your next project
  • EXCEPTIONAL! Strong and sturdy construction ensures long hours of use with unfailing performance

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Pyrography isn’t just for wood!

  • Beginner-friendly guide to the art of pyrography for leather decorations and accessories
  • 6 skill-building projects ranging in difficulty to help you get started
  • Step-by-step instructions and photography take you through every part of the process
  • Detailed information on pyrography pens, how they vary, and how they interact with leather as opposed to wood
  • Author and founder of Parsons Wood Artistry, Michele Y. Parsons teaches pyrography workshops all over the U.S.

For absolute beginners to pyrography in general, or for passionate wood burners who are curious about working on a new medium, Leather Pyrography is the must-have, detailed beginner’s guide to burning on leather instead of wood.

Inside, you’ll learn the art of pyrography for almost any leather surface, and create dynamic pyrography designs on a journal cover, key fob, bookmark, coaster, and more.

The included six projects with step-by-step instructions steadily increase in difficulty, so that both beginning and experienced pyrographers will learn a completely new way to burn decorative pieces and accessories. Understand different types of pens and how they interact with leather as opposed to wood, how to fix mistakes, and so much more in this comprehensive guide!

The author of this helpful guide, Michele Y. Parsons, teaches workshop-based pyrography classes all over the US, writes for Pyrography Magazine, and is the founder of Parsons Wood Artistry.

Inside this book, you’ll find new ways to express yourself and display your work in accessories or as decoration. Learn a completely new way to burn with Leather Pyrography!

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