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Easy to burn pattern on the wood
Burn right through the paper

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“Very good book for the beginning pyrographer. Si explains woodburners, use of nibs, safety, unique projects, and so much more. If you are a beginning woodburner I suggest you buy this book. Very well written and instructional.” – Anne

“This book is well done and easy to understand. Many nice pictures. Am learning to woodburn on gourds and this helping a lot. Am just a beginner so every idea is great for me. Breaks down the machine and tips and provides step-by-step projects. A lot of simple patterns to use. Nice to keep around and refer to as you burn!” – Marlene

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PyroPaperTM, a pyrography paper. This is a packet of 50 sheets of transparent paper – it is hard to take a picture of something you can see through, so we’ve put patterns behind it. The sheet itself is lying at an angle in this picture over the drawings. You trace, draw, or print (on an inkjet printer, laser printer, or copier) a design on PyroPaperTM, cut around the tracing, tape it to your gourd, and wood burn right though it! What makes this special is that it will not smolder, burn outwards, or melt, unlike common tracing paper. When you’re through wood burning through the design, just lift from the gourd and your design is finished.
Easy to burn pattern on the wood
Burn right through the paper

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