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Wood Burning Books

Affordable Books on Wood Burning For Everyone

Books on wood burning will always have a place on your shelf – whether you are a seasoned burner, looking for wood burning ideas for beginners or needing a tutorial.


Inspiration From Books On Wood Burning

These books on pyrography are jam-packed with templates for wood burning, patterns for pyrography projects, free patterns, stencils and a host of pyrography designs.

You will never be bored or without inspiration with these fascinating books in your arsenal.

Information on Patterns and Techniques

Books On Wood BurningReading through the pages will inspire and motivate you onto your next project and increase your skills and techniques. This is something that experienced pyrographers are always striving for – as well as the novice burner.

So investing in wood burning pattern books is a must – the wider the subject matter the better.

They will teach you all you need to know about pyrography.

The volumes cover how beginners can get started, continuing through the various levels of competency right through to the more advanced techniques.

There are plenty of wood burning books for beginners –  so don’t feel daunted. Buy a couple for reference and just give it a try – you can’t do anything “wrong”.

The most important aspect of creating anything is the enjoyment of watching something come alive in front of you by your own hand. The satisfaction of that process – no matter what the project or result – is what will keep you reaching for the next idea and the next craft creation.

So… get reading!

Wood Burning Books From Amazon

You will find something for everyone in the volumes below.

There is information on doing pyrography on to wood, leather, and gourds. Designs and inspiration for all sorts of projects abound.

As well, you will find lessons on the different techniques that you can achieve with different nibs and points.

If you are feeling very crafty, you can include carving and painting into your wood burning art. 

The possibilities are endless. The only restriction is your imagination!!

As an artist and designer, you will find all you need to know, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced pyrographer.

Wood burning books are a reference you have forever – having an arsenal lined up, no matter how old they are, is a resource that you will keep going back to many times.

So building up a collection will stand you in good stead.

Most references are wonderfully illustrated in color, with easy to follow tutorials and information.

Buying pyrography references from a wide spectrum of artists that use different techniques will inspire you to think in a different direction and encourage you to try different ideas and design styles to broaden your horizons.

Amazon have a wonderful selection of inspirational books on wood burning – I am sure you will find something to inspire, teach or enjoy.

Articles On Pyrography

Recommended Value Buy

75 Piece Wood Burning Kit
  • Pyrography Tool Kit Contents – 1 LCD pyrography pen, 15 burning tips, 10 wood carving tips, 5 wood embossing tips, 1 hot knife chuck, 1 cutting blade, 12 assorted
    color pencils, 12 stencils, 10 sheets of carbon paper, 6 wood blocks, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 soldering holder with cleaning sponge, 1 carry bag and a user manual.
  • Fast Heat And Adjustable Temperature Settings – 31 burning tips and assorted pieces.
  • Suitable for all skill levels.
  • Adjustable temperatures – 356℉~896℉/180℃~480℃. Heats up in 15 seconds.
  • This wood burning kit works on all types of wood and on leather.
  • Can be used for image transfer, hot stamping, welding, textile embossing, and formwork cutting.
  • The ergonomic handle is lightweight, allowing you to work at different angles for long periods of time.
  • The protective case protects you from the heat while working.
  • The tool comes with an easy-to-carry high-quality zippered purse for easy storage.

Smoke Absorber/Fume Extractor

Make your work environment safe!

Fume And Smoke Extractor With A Strong Suction

  • With a 24-inch flexible tube
  • The fume hood direction can be adjusted to your needs.
  • 6000 RPM / 40W adjustable high suction fan with low noise.
  • Removes fumes from 5-6 inches away.
    Adjustable fan speed.
  • Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours
  • Includes one replacement filter that is replaceable.
  • Working temperature: -20℃to 60℃

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