Minisa Robinson is a renowned pyrography artist displaying all the attributes of a designer and artist in this art form.

Minisa’s technical ability and experience enable her to create beautiful artwork.

As you can see below, her subject matter is varied, taking from nature’s abundance of flowers to the beauty in wildlife. She portrays people in their day-to-day lives, as well as displaying man’s industrial prowess – shown in her magnificent train in full motion.

Minisa Robinson – A Talented Pyrography Artist

Minisa Robinson

As well as working on images to hang like a traditional painting on a wall, Minisa works on a variety of blanks that are available in any craft shop. These may include various-sized wooden boxes, carved wooden spoons, serviette rings, natural or shaped wooden plaques, and many other objects.

Every artist will inevitably develop their own wood burning tips and tricks. With experience, you will discover the tooltips and pens that they prefer to use. These preferences develop over time and with experience.

Thanks go to Minisa for kindly permitting her wood burning art to be displayed on this website.

Minisa Robinson Pyrography Artist

The Early Years

This talented artist was brought up in the Colorado mountains and all its beauty and majesty. As she is the daughter of a professional fine artist, Minisa acquired a love and appreciation of art.

Minisa worked as a graphic artist and publisher for 12 years before she turned to pyrography full time. The many mediums she worked in during her career were oil paints, watercolors, acrylics, graphite, and inks. A full spectrum of mediums.

Tutorial Book

With all those years of experience in the art world, Minisa is more than qualified to share her methods and techniques. Find out how she creates her art and brings animals to life in wood.

Minisa has produced a beautiful book with tutorials. They will inspire and teach at the same time.


Her book describes how to woodburn realistic animals, whether they are birds, pets, or wildlife. In the book, you will find tutorials on creating lifelike fur, eyes, manes, and whiskers.

For those of you who are animal enthusiasts, this book will become an essential part of your reference library.

With a steady hand and a hot metal tool as her “brush”, she burns fine and realistic images onto wood. Her artwork reflects her surroundings of the Rocky Mountains and the wildlife that is found in the wilderness.

Minisa’s Gallery

If you would like to learn more about Minisa Robinson, please visit minisa pyrography.

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